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Sorccia Surfaces

13:15 28 June in news

Los Angeles based Sorccia Surfaces are 100% natural stones, for any project, ultra-durable and light weight that can make your space stand out!

Each panel consists of 100% natural stone, quarried from all around the world in an abundance of appearances and distinctive characteristics. Panels are available in many colors of marble, travertine, onyx, agate, granite and semi-precious stones.

Los Angeles-based Sorccia Surfaces are made up of a front layer of thinly cut real stone adhered to unique backings that are engineered using the most modern patented technology to create an extremely strong and light-weight stone faced structure.

Our panels are 3 to 6 times lighter than traditional stone materials, saving natural resources and allowing for more pieces to fit into a container when shipping, further reducing environmental impact. The reduced weight makes our panels lighter and safer to handle, resulting in fewer liabilities. Panels can be cut or re-trimmed on the spot using a traditional diamond saw.

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Using advanced technology our panels are cut as thin as 3mm, drastically reducing the amount of stone used. The stone panels are then laminated to different backing materials allowing for use in a wide range of applications, many of which are not suitable for traditional solid stone. Thin stone panels maintain all the beauty, feel and attributes of natural stone, and the reduced weight allows for easier and faster installation.

Thinner stone panels mean less environmental impact: Jafep Middle East-sorccia surfaces eco friendly

Reduced water & energy consumption
Reduced use of raw material
Reduced use of packaging
Reduced cost of transportation
Reduced emissions during production


Thin stone panels in Los Angeles from Sorccia are suitable for a wide range of applications, not just for their unique aesthetic but also their high strength, lightweight and low installation costs. Common uses include exterior walls, bath and shower panels, wainscoting, feature walls, tables, flooring, ceilings and fireplace surrounds.


Hospitality is a competitive and always changing industry where operators are constantly looking for ways to stand out.
A dance floor that is made of large stone panels lighting up and changing colors as you dance the night away.
Elevators lined with lighted stone panels inside.
A bar made of solid stone that lights up as the lights go down.
Anything is possible with Sorccia!




JAFEP Middle East sorccia-commercial projectsCommercial Projects
In commercial projects functionality, design and maintenance are the key factors. We use anti-slip glass while creating the look of a larger space as there are no definite lines between the panels.
Stones like marble and onyx are natural products that are always in style. Maintenance is easy when Sorccia is your Los Angeles marble supplier, as there is no grout, no discolorations or worry of high maintenance cleaning.





JAFEP Middle East sorccia residential projectsResidential Projects
Stone slabs were difficult in residential projects due to the weight and labor needed to install such heavy slabs. With Sorccia Surfaces in Los Angeles, you can have walls of stone or stone floors with no need for grout on any level of your home. These lightweight panels can be carried and handled by two installers with ease with no special equipment needed for cutting or installing.






JAFEP Middle East sorccia-healthcareHealthcare
In healthcare facilities we care to create an environment that allows for optimum patient flow results. The goal of our interior designers is to provide a facility that is comfortable and equally soothing for patients and staff. By using Los Angeles-based Sorccia Surfaces you can save time and money on labor as well as use a modern product, aesthetically beautiful and easy to maintain and sanitize.