Green Cleaning Servises

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Green Cleaning Servises

18:15 12 January in news

Cleanliness at the Highest Level!
Perfect cleanliness without chemicals and residues.


We can help you with any cleaning challenge in all kinds of surfaces.  Our high-performance heat-cleaning device is designed for continuous industrial use. It works with very dry micro-steam, which has been developed and used only for industrial purposes.
190 ° C and more than 9 bar pressure, saturated steam is generated with only 5% water content, which penetrates into the smallest micro-structures of the surfaces. In this way we can dissolve even the most stubborn dirt and achieve the best cleaning results.
It can clean and sanitize pore-deep surfaces from heavily encrusted grills, tiles to upholstery and car seats.

This Green Cleaning Concept conveys huge cost savings in time, chemical consumption and man power. While protecting the health of your employees and customer as well as the environment.

  • Less cleaning agents.
  • Less plastic waste through cleaning containers.
  • Less water consumption.The average water consumption per room can be 50-60 liters every time we are cleaning. With the Micro Steam cleaning it is reduced to 1.5 liters.
  • Less water pollution from detergents