Mohawk Wood Finishing Products

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Mohawk Wood Finishing Products

20:04 24 October in news

Mohawk Finishing Products started in 1948 by Frank D. Pabis and later in 1973 merged with RPM company based in Ohio.

Today Mohawk Finishing Products is the leading manufacturer and distributor of professional wood touch up, repair and finishing products.

Based in North Carolina, Mohawk offers the highest quality wood coatings and finishing products, furniture polishing and cleaners and touch up and repair products for wood and leather in the industry.

Specializing in products for the furniture, cabinet and flooring markets, Mohawk also offers environmentally friendly touch up and repair products.

Our Research & Development department is constantly experimenting and testing new methods and devices while keeping up with environmental regulations.

Old methods of staining and finishing are being superseded by new efficient methods.