Professional tools for ultimate results!
Combine high quality products with the correct application tools.

Wood & Paint

Paint Brushes

Jafep Middle East Paint Brushes

Special Acrylic Brushes, non-absorbing. For a perfect smooth application without line trashes. In various shapes & sizes.

Touch Up Brushes

Jafep Middle East Touch Up brushes

General purpose brush for touch up work or recoloring worn edges.

Power Pack

Jafep Middle East Power Pack

  Dispenses liquid with a fine spray similar to aerosol cans.  Create your own aerosol by using your own stains, lacquers, paints, varnishes, epoxy coatings.

Replacement Jar

Jafep Middle East Replacement Jar

Replacement jars with caps for Power Pack.

Sanding Paper

Jafep Middle East Sanding Paper

Premium sanding paper for hand use in variety of girts.

Burn-In Knife

Jafep Middle East Burn In Knife

High temperature Electric Burn-In knife. It comes equipped with a flat and a curved blade.

Carving Tools

Jafep Middle East Carving Tools

Set of 5 Blades made of hand forged steel, ground and hardened for lasting sharpness. Half round palm style handles are made of hardwood.

Epoxy Floor Trowel

Jafep Middle East Epoxy Floor Trowel

Self leveling trowel for epoxy floor paint.


Clear Bumper

Jafep Middle East Clear Bumper

Spacers for cabinet doors, lids, and drawers. Feet on the bottom of cabinetry, clocks, speakers, etc. Bumper Protectors for chairs, walls and sliding doors, small appliances, and furniture. High coefficient of friction, excellent abrasion resistance, vibration and shock- damping.

Plastic Disc

Jafep Middle East Plastic Disc

Transparent. Permits use on any color furniture or desktop. Made of a clear rubber-like plastic that is practically invisible under glass. Will not discolor or deteriorate furniture finishes. 3/4″ diameter.

Cheese Cloth

Jafep Middle East Cheese Cloth

A high quality, bleached white, open weave cheese cloth.  Ideal for application of stains, polishes or padding lacquers.  Also can be used in multiple layers to strain paints and stains.  Excellent for general dusting. 100% cotton, soft absorbent, will not scratch,

Braces-Chair Leg

Jafep Middle East Braces Chair leg

Surface mount brace used for support of chair legs, table legs.

Lint Free Cloth

Jafep Middle East Lint Free Cloth

White lint-free cloths ideal for use in the touch-up and repair of wood and leather.

Chair Legs

Jafep Middle East Chair Legs

Wood legs for sofas, chairs and other items.

Manual Guns Catridges

Jafep Middle East Manual Guns Catridges

Robust pistol for professionals, suitable especially for high viscosity adhesives and thick sealants.

Eye Guards

Jafep Middle East Eye Guards

Protects eyes from flying chips and particles. Large lens fits over most personal glasses.


Jafep Middle East Glides

A wide variety of Glides compatible with any style or type of furniture. Excellent strength, good abrasion resistance, non-rusting.

Masking Tape

Jafep Middle East Masking Tape

Premium grade masking tape designed for use on all paints and many lacquer and varnish coatings. It leaves clean, straight paint lines with less edge bleed. Does not lift, curl or transfer adhesive. Excellent performance on rough, uneven or hard-to-stick surfaces. 1″ wide x 60 yards long.

Air Brush Compressor

Jafep Middle East Air Brush Compressor

The Grex AX1810 is a quiet and portable airbrush compressor. It’s lightweight and compact size is perfect for easy transportation and quick airbrush system setup. It’s piston style air compressor gives it the performance expected from the demanding professional.

Finishing Tools

jafep middle east finishing tools

4-piece-silicon scraper set for a smooth, even finish of the sealants. Different shapes.