Ceramic Care

Fix chipped tiles, cracks in bathtubs & wash bins, scratches and other damages in bathroom and kitchen ceramics. On the spot repair, fast and easy!

Repair & Touch Up

Touch Up Stick

jafep middle east cramer Touch Up Stick

Removes easily blemishes and scratches from tiles. Suitable for replacing missing glazes at the edges of tiles. Ideal for ceramic, enamel, acrylic, metal and powder-coated or painted surfaces.


jafep middle east cramer Repair Kit

Professional repair for bathtubs’ damages. Perfect protection of the damaged area against water, rust stains and leaks. Very easy and fast application. Suitable for ceramic, enamelled steel and enamelled cast iron, acrylic.

Repair Spray

jafep middle east cramer Repair spray

Removes quickly and efficiently minor damages in kitchen or bathroom. Well-suited for repairing blemishes in bathtubs, wash basins, shower trays or sinks. It can also be used for washing machines, refrigerators or other coatable appliances. Prepare surface, sand and spray.

Ceramic Enamel Spray

jafep middle east cramer Ceramic Enamel Spray

Durable and splash-proofed one-component paint for professional use. Ideal for painting and refurbishing of enamelled or powder-coated surfaces in the kitchen and the bathroom at the push of a button.

Cleaning & Care

Mineral Cast Cleaner

jafep middle east cramer Mineral Cast Cleaner

Gently removes limescale, soap and dirt deposits and gives the sanitary object permanent protection. The water rolls off and the surface is maintained scratch-free and with lasting effect. Apply on a moist and soft sponge or apply directly on the surface, rub well and allow to work briefly. Rinse with warm water and rub dry.

Acrylic Mineral Cast

jafep middle east cramer Acrylic Mineral Cast

Acrylic and mineral cast bathtubs and basins require special care. Improper or abrasive detergents turns the surface dull and matt. Cramer Acrylic/Mineral Cast cleaning and polishing paste removes discolorations, stains and limescale and while polishing the surfaces at the same time. Innovative formula made of specific detergents in combination with polishing compounds.

Chrome Polish

jafep middle east cramer Chrome Polish

Removes heavy stains and traces of oxidation leaving shiny fittings. Non-hazardous to the surrounding surfaces in the bathroom, leaves them sparkling while it is gentle on the skin and has a pleasant scent. Acid-free and enamel-friendly formulation.

Stain Eraser

jafep middle east cramer Stain Eraser

Removes grey metal marks, rust, stubborn stains, limescale as well as residual glue. If you have ever tried to remove these visible traces you will know how sensitive enamelled bathtubs and tiles can react to abrasive cleaners. The Cramer Stain-Eraser truly removes all surface residues from these rather sensitive bathroom surfaces without leaving any scratches!