Cleaners & Protectors

A full line of high quality and high performance products tailored to protect, clean and maintain your property, with respect to the environment and the end user.
Clean and remove the most difficult stains from stones, concrete, marble, glass and other surfaces.

Cleaning Products

Pure Kleen-DP

Jafep Middle East rocan pure kleen DP

A heavy duty cleaner and oil patch remover specially formulated to remove heavy contamination from porous and hard substrates.  Penetrates deeply and lifts even the toughest stains without damaging the substrate.

Pure Kleen - BR

jafep middle east rocan PureKleen BR

Organic Microbiological Cleaner. Environmentally friendly cleaner for safe removal of algae, moss and lichens from external hard substrates.

Pure Kleen-MG

Jafep Middle East rocan pure kleen MG

Heavy Duty General Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner. A heavy-duty cleaner for ultimate results.

Grout Cleaner

Jafep Middle East rocan grout cleaner

Concentrated Grout Cleaner. Deep cleaner for the grout, returns it back to the original color. Doesn’t contain bleacher.

Pure Kleen -SC

Jafep Middle East rocan pure kleen SC

Powerful cleaner for interior & exterior glass, metal and more. Long last cleaning effect and a resistance to build up dust and dirt thanks to it’s nanotechnology . Ideal on surfaces where finger prints prove difficult to remove, stainless still, lift panels, glass doors, mirrors and more.

Grime Beater

Jafep Middle East rocan grime beater

Powerful cleaner for hard surfaces, metal, wood, plastic, ceramic and painted surfaces. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms. Quick and easy to use.


Jafep Middle East rocan con clear

An ecological, powerful cleaner designed to remove cement residues and limescale without damaging the substrate. Biodegradable, does not pose a danger to the user.

Magic Eraser

Jafep Middle East magic eraser

Lifts any tough dirt, stains and marks from virtually any surface , ceramics, plastics, steel, mirrors, glass, flooring, walls etc.
Made of a special lightweight melamine resin foam that penetrates deep into the surface grooves and breaks up the dirt. It will lift marks from the surface with just water, no detergents are required.

Rapid Cleaner

Jafep Middle East Rapid Cleaner

Removes concrete and cement residues, dirt, boiler scale, and lime scale.

SB Pool & Sanitary Cleaner

Jafep Middle East SB Pool Sanitary Cleaner

Pool cleaner for maintenance cleaning and degreasing.

A-Z All Purpose Cleaner

Jafep Middle East A Z All Purpose Cleaner

Alkaline all-purpose cleaner for severe pollution.

Presto Gloss Cleaner

Jafep Middle East Presto Gloss Cleaner

Neutral alcohol cleaner for striation-free cleaning of high-gloss floorings.

Automatic Machine Floor Cleaner AS

Jafep Middle East Automatic Machine Floor Cleaner AS

Special cleaner for application in automatic cleaning machines. Anti-slip.

Basic Cleaner Alpha

Jafep Middle East Basic Cleaner Alpha

Helps you remove old wax and polymer films.

Basic Cleaner Beta

Jafep Middle East Basic Cleaner Beta

Powerful and efficient cleaner for removal of metal-reinforced films.

Power Stripper

Jafep Middle East Power Stripper

For extreme cases, also effective without the use of machines.

Grunex Stone Cleaner

Jafep Middle East Grunex Stone Cleaner

Bioactive cleaner with a long-time effect for stone, concrete, mortar, wood, slate, roof tiles, etc.

Professional KK Kitchen Power Cleaner

Jafep Middle East Professional KK Kitchen Power Cleaner

Intensive cleaner and degreaser for slaughter-house and butcheries, suitable for aluminium. Application tested as per expert’s certificate.

Lime Dissolver

Jafep Middle East Lime Dissolver

Lime dissolver for hot water appliances, coffee machines, water boilers, pots, etc.

Cleaner For Bakeries

Jafep Middle East Cleaner For Bakeries

Intensive cleaner for machines, equipment, work benches, tiles in the food sector. Application tested as per expert’s certificate.

Grill Cleaner

Jafep Middle East Professional Grill Cleaner

Self-acting, viscous grill cleaner, also suitable for baking and  cooking ovens and deep fat fryers.

Pinto Plastics Cleaner

Jafep Middle East Pinto Plastics Cleaner

Special cleaner for plastics and plastic coated surfaces.

Glass Cleaning Agent

Jafep Middle East Glass Cleaning Agent

Distinctive cleaning power against dirt and pollution. Crystal clear shine far better than the usual. Streak- and striation-free drying without aggressive agents, does not affect the skin. Suitable for mirrors, tiles, glass indoors and outdoors, even drinking glasses!

Diamond Magic


Professional hard stain remover. Cleans, scours and polishes any surface with the power of real diamonds! Shower doors, sinks, toilets, stainless steel, ovens, BBQ grills, microwaves, porcelain, brass, granite, fiberglass, marble, stones and many more.

Special applications products for different purposes.
Removal of water calcification from floors and walls, rust removal, antislip treatement specially made for wet floors, paint removal and more.

Treatment Products

Salt Nutralizer

Jafep Middle East rocan pure kleen SN

Powerful efflorescence treatment removing mineral deposits, cement and concrete from all substrates. It’s active components complex with any salt rendering them in soluble water thus removing the reappearance of white deposits. Biodegradable, non-corrosive.


Jafep Middle East rocan pure strip

A water-based & high-performance remover ideal for stripping paint, varnish and lacquer from wood, timber, brick, stone, fiberglass and many other surfaces. Low odour, biodegradable, non-flammable.

PureKleen -SR

Jafep Middle East rocan pure clean SR

Anti-slip treatment for mineral surfaces. Slippery surfaces become low-slip through an easy process. Does not change the aesthetic of the surface, non-hazardous with a pleasant dour. Ideal for swimming pool surrounds, entrance halls, kitchen floors, shower units.

PureKleen - RR

Jafep Middle East rocan pure clean RR

Rust Remover. Powerful treatment designed to remove any surface oxidation. Suitable for tiles, porcelain, marble, natural stones and granite.

PureKleen - RS

jafep middle east rocan PureKleen RS

Designed to remove rust stains from delicate surfaces when others cannot be used due to their corrosive nature.

Edol Stainless Steel Polish

Jafep Middle East Edol Stainless Steel Polish

Neutral maintenance product for stainless steel surfaces, suitable for the food sector.

Contact Stone Polish

Jafep Middle East Contact Stone Polish

Special self-glossy dispersion for stones. Anti-slip effect suitable for heavy-duty areas. Improves the appearance of the stone, protects from fast wearing and facilitates the every day cleaning process.

Permanent Impregnation

Jafep Middle East Permanent Impregnation

Special filling products for cements screed, stone and linoleum, pore filler.

Durablo Superpolish AS

Jafep Middle East Durablo Superpolish AS

Floor polish dispersion, self-glossy, slip-proof, heavy-duty.

SC Self Polishing Wax

Jafep Middle East SC Self Polishing Wax

Floor polish based on wax. Self-glossy, polishable.

A full line of sealants and protectors for all surfaces.
Water repellent, all-liquid protection against staining and dirt contamination.
Revitalize old and worn surfaces.

Surface Protectors


Jafep Middle East rocan pure scape

All-in-one colorless water based impregnation which protects concrete and stone substrates. Ideal for ground and facades. Guaranteed protection against water penetration, oil, chemicals, dirt contamination.


Jafep Middle East rocan pure scape CE

Protects and enhances the color of natural stones and porous building substrates. Protects against water penetration, oil, dirt contamination, mild acids and cleaners.

PureScape - DS

Jafep Middle East rocan pure scape DS

An acrylic water based impregnation which protects by giving added strength to a concrete substrate. Prevents floors and walls from dusting. Does not change the substrate.

PureScape -MS


Stabilizing treatment for loose & crumbling mortar. Prevents loose and crumbling surface from further degradation. External & internal use.


Jafep Middle East rocan pure seal

High performance protection treatment against water penetration. Ideal for the underside of floor tiles before installation. Non-hazardous, safe to use.

PureScape -PG


Protects against water and moisture penetration, food and drink staining, pollution and dirt contamination.

Granite Worktop Sealer

Jafep Middle East granite worktop sealer

Special sealer for granite, quartz, marble and natural stones.
Protects against water & oil spillages and stains. Provides transparent vapor permeable protection, invisible coating and seals safely. Non hazardous, biodegradable and solvent free.

Opal Sealant

Jafep Middle East Opal Sealant

High-gloss, anti-slip sealant. Resistant to water and cleaning agents, fills pores well, due to high percentage of solid particles. Provides for safe protection of heavy-duty floors against wearing and facilitates daily maintenance cleaning. Polishable.
Suitable for all plastic floorings, PVC, asphalt-tiles, rubber, sealed parquet, natural and artificial stone and linoleum floorings. 


Jafep Middle East rocan pure wood

A high performance protection against water penetration and UV radiation, for untreated and restored wood. Suitable for cladding, decking and garden furniture interior and exterior.


Jafep Middle East rocan pure bloc

A water based crystallization product designed to block moisture transmission in concrete and masonry structures. Provides a permanent solution to water ingress, does not alter the surface appearance and can be overcoated after application.

Pure Fabric

Jafep Middle East rocan pure fabric

Highly effective water based treatment for textile protection. Protects against all-liquid staining on all kinds of textiles, rugs, carpets, leather, cotton, suede. Does not change the texture or appearance of the textile, non-hazardous, non-flammable.

Pure Plastic

Jafep Middle east rocan products

Revitalizes and protects aged plastic surfaces.

High quality products designed to clean upholstery, fabrics and carpets.
Remove persistent stains from furniture fabrics, curtains and more.

Upholstery Cleaning

MicroFiber Cleaner

Jafep Middle East micro Fiber Cleaner

Solvent free cleaner designed to delicately and efficiently clean micro fiber fabrics. Removes dirt and water-based or greasy stains from microfiber furniture.

Ink Remover

Jafep Middle East Ink Remover

Removes ball point pen ink from vinyl upholstery, polyester, cotton and wool fabrics. Does not hurt materials.

Spot Remover

Jafep Middle East Spot Remover

It is designed to easily remove oil and grease stains without harming delicate fibers.  Does not contain any chlorinated solvents.  Spot Remover has a low odor, will not “ring” and dries quickly.  Use on silk, satin, cotton, wool, taffeta, polyester, blends and all other fabrics.

Upholstery Cleaner

Jafep Middle East Upholstery Cleaner

Cleans grease, ink, crayon, red drinks, lipstick, cosmetics, iodine, block, sunblock, shoe polish and much more. This product can be used to remove stains on washable textiles and carpeting.


Jafep Middle East Stain Out

Stain remover, including oil, grease, grass, coloured pencil and spots of ballpoint pen.


Jafep Middle East WashQuick

Liquid highly concentrated, heavy-duty detergent for white and multi-coloured laundry.

Carpet Shampoo

Jafep Middle Carpet Shampoo

Anti-bacterial foam-cleaner for carpets and upholstery witheExcellent cleaning properties and remarkable resistance to re-soiling. No bleaching agents, no color alteration, deodorizing effect removes stale smells.
Ideal for carpets, upholstery and car seats. Manual and machine use.

Carpet Spray Extraction Cleaner

Jafep Middle East Carpet Spray Extraction Cleaner

Special cleaner for application in spray extraction appliances.