Floors & Flooring Systems

Road Marking


Especially developed for painting road markings. High resistance, quick drying.



Pedestrian, traffic floor paints, dust proof. High performance weather and traffic resistant

Stains & Varnishes

Marine Varnish


Excellent protection in all kinds of wood against ageing and harsh weather. Water repellent. In satin and gloss finishing. For interior and exterior use. Ideal for wooden decks & wooden furniture.

Alkyd Exterior Varnish


Excellent harsh weather protection on all kinds of wooden surface. Excellent adhesion, brush-ability and penetration.

Parquet Varnish


A thin coat varnish for interior and exterior use. High durability, flexible, permeable to water vapor. It maintains the natural appearance of the wood. Prevents the appearance of fungus and contain UV protectors . Water based. Ideal for fine wood art pieces.

Wood Stain & Protector


A thin coat varnish for interior and exterior use. High durabilioty, flexible, permeable to water vapour. It maintains the natural appearance of the wood. Prevents the appearance of fungus and contain UV protectors . Water based. Ideal for fine wood art pieces.

Dye Varnish


Alkyd Interior varnish with good adhesion, brushability and penetration, resistant and quick drying.

Low Emission Coatings Flooring System

Comfort & Silent


High quality flexible, jointless coating system with walking comfort and good reduction of the noise. Smoot result, visualy appealing. Ideal for physical therap, fitness and wellness areas. Kindergardens, nursing and doctors offices.

Color Variations


High-quality coating for special decorative requirements. Smooth, colored, elastic, noise-insulation. Cures without shrinking. Ideal for decorative living, recreation, offices, showrooms, schools.

Hygenic Areas


Flooring systems characterized by excellent cleaning abilities and selected in areas with high hygenic demands, such as heathcare. Flame retardant.

Vapour Permeable


The special advantage of this system relies on the composition which results in a vapour-permeable film. Matt appealing surface, eco-friendly technology. Ideal for new buildings with incresed humidity in the surface.



Easy to apply with a roller. Pleasant to work with due to its eco-friendly consistenicy. Very good coverage, excellent adhesion, applealing surfaces, low odor. Ideal for areas with light load and traffic, interior-exterior.

Pebble Coating


Jointless decorative coatings offering unique individual design. Low in solvents and emisions. Idael for barefoot walking, interior and exterior use.

Industrial Coating Flooring System

Parking & Garage


For all purpose with good self-levelling properties. Glossy surface resistant to water and chemicals. 2-component epoxy resin coating and top sealer in one system

Kitchen Flooring


For a jointless scattered coating with anti-slip and chemical resistance. Suitable for wet areas with high hygiene demands. Ideal for industrial kitchens, food processing industries, various areas exposed to water.



Suitable for the increased demands to ESD protection. For assembly testing rooms, manufacturing, testing or handling electrical parts. Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance. Stable to oil, grease, water, salt solutions and various acids.

Hot Water, Wet areas Exposed to Chemicals


High quality 3-component coating resistant in high temperature, hot water and chemicals. Ideal for food industries, farming, bakeries, chemical & phamaceutical industry.

Wall Coating


Adjustable, solvent free and flexible for the creation of pore-free jointless and smooth coatings for walls ands ceilings. The pore-free surface has the advantage of hygenic, esay-to-clean, decontaminable properties.

Ideal for hospitals and heath care facilities, food industries and clean room technology as well as areas frequently subject to moisture.

Prevention of Water Pollution


Ideal for idustrial flooring with high chemical resistant and imprevious to fluids.

Textured Coating


Floor and wall coating for commercial and industrial areas. Production rooms, assembly halls, storage rooms, repair shops. Abrasion and chemical resistant, economical.

Radip Re-Usability Flooring System

Scattered Coating Indoor & Outdoor


Rapid installation with a very low odor, ideal for traffic areas, car parks. Accessible after 2-6 hours.

Food Industry


Fast application and usability. Water and chemical resistant, solvent free. Colored support layer for decotrative coatings.

Fast Solution for Industry & Car Parks


Ideal for renovations with small time window and quick reusability (all kinds of purpose indoors and outdoors). Resistant to water and chemicals.