Leather Care

Leather Repair

Leather Repair BaseCoat Aerosols

Jafep Middle East Leather Repair BaseCoat Aerosols

Opaque, pigmented finishes formulated specifically for pigmented leather and vinyl.  They hide cuts and scrapes where color is lost or has been adversely affected by the repair.  Fade resistant and fast drying.

Color Adjuster Aerosols

Jafep Middle East Color Adjuster Aerosols

It applies a transparent color to pigmented leather and vinyl.  It adjusts the color of leather repair when a base coat and a toner have already been applied. It can be used, alternatively, after the application of the Toner to make an adjustment.

Leather Repair Toner Aerosols

Jafep Middle East Leather Repair Toner Aerosols

Semi-transparent finish formulated specially for use on pigmented leather and vinyl.  It brings the color of the basecoat closer to the color of the leather or vinyl.

E-Z Flow Leather Markers

Jafep Middle East E Z Flow leather Markers

Innovative technology in the design of a new valve and applicator system. Ready-to-use with a couple of pushes on the valve. The sponge applicator flows color evenly in large or small restoring spots. The color lays flat, blending seamlessly with the surrounding area. Thanks to the screw-on top, the applicator stays wet and ready for the next repair.

Base Coat

Jafep Middle East Base Coat

Restores the finish on pigmented leather. It provides a good coverage and an excellent adhesion.

Top Coat

Jafep Middle East Top Coat

Ready-to-use top coat in gloss or matt finishing. Heavy duty and scratch resistant.

Leather Vinyl Repair

Jafep Middle East Leather Vinyl Repair

It is used to repair cuts or holes in worn vinyl fabric and pigmented leathers. Repairs become invisible to the eye with proper application to vinyl and leather surfaces.

Grain Paper

Jafep Middle East Grain Paper

Designed to duplicate grain patterns over repairs. Available in six popular grain patterns.

Grain Mould Compound

Jafep Middle East Grain Mould Compound

Mix with a specific amount of Catalyst and spread over the grain surface which you desire to reproduce. The mixture cures to an exact duplicate of the grain surface in a few minutes.

Leather Glue

Jafep Middle East Leather Glue

A flexible, strong adhesive formulated specially for repairing flaps, abrasions, and minor cuts. It can also be used to repair larger cuts along with the Woven Fiberglass Fabric.

The Leather Repair Aerosols

Jafep Middle East Leather Repair Aerosols

Ideal for coloring over damages on pigmented leather where there is color faded, or the leather has been repaired. The kit includes:

Basecoats for matching background colors, Toners to add color over the Basecoats, Color Adjusters for fine-tuning the color of the repair, and Leather/Vinyl Finish™ to adjust the sheen.

Leather Spray Grain

Jafep Middle East Leather Spray Grain

It restores the grain pattern that is often lost during the repair process. It is a clear, high-viscosity liquid that is applied in large droplets to simulate the texture of leather or vinyl. It is quick drying.

Leather Vinyl Fil Sticks

Jafep Middle East Leather Vinyl Fil Sticks

Fill minor scuffs, abrasions and very small punctures in non-wear areas on leather and vinyl surfaces.

Leather Vinyl Finish Aerosols

Jafep Middle East Leather Vinyl Finish Aerosols

Applies a clear, flexible and durable coating to protect and blend in spot repairs on vinyl furniture. Can be used on vinyl and pigmented leather.

Leather Vinyl Finish Marker

Jafep Middle East Leather Vinyl Finish Marker

Touch up leather and vinyl defects instantly. It is ideal for edge and scratch coloring. Valve activated for smooth flow of color and offers superior adhesion on both leather and vinyl.

Scratch Remover

Jafep Middle East Scratch Remover

It is a simple solution for healing and blending surface scratches or rubs on natural leathers. It helps restore the surface color as well as blend the damage. Very effective on fingernail scratches in aniline leather.


Jafep Middle East Mender

It is used to repair scratches and abrasions on pigmented leathers from which the finish has been removed. Fill cracks and scratches with the use of a spatula. It can be colored with an addition of pigment.

Repairing Paste

Jafep Middle East Repair Paste

Designed to repair scratches and abrasions on pigmented leathers. It is a flexible adhesive that can fill and adhere to damaged areas. After drying, it is flexible and difficult to detect.

Touch Up Aniline

Jafep Middle East Touch Up Anline

Formulated for renewing colors that have faded. It forms an extremely thin, transparent and self-fixing film that revives aniline leathers, increasing the brightness of the color tones. Colors can be mixed to achieve the proper shade.

Touch Up Pigment

Jafep Middle East Touch Up pigment

A single step product that combines fixation, adhesion, light filling properties, pigment, and topcoat all in one easy to use product. It is the final step in covering repairs on pigmented leathers with color and/or sheen adjustment.

Leather Maintenance

Vinyl / Plastic & Leather Cleaner

Jafep Middle East Vinyl Plastic leather Cleaner

Easily cleans vinyl upholstery, rubber, enamel, ceramics and chrome appliances.  Not only cleans but also provides a protective film for subsequent recleaning.  Also recommended for vinyl auto tops and upholster.

Leather Cleaner

Jafep Middle East Leather Cleaner

A water based, non-solvent cleaner designed to clean gently but thoroughly, without harming the natural beauty and feel of the leather.

Leather & Vinyl Finish

Jafep Middle East Leather Vinyl Finish

A flexible and durable coating used to protect and blend in spot repairs on leather and vinyl.

Leather Protector Wipes

Jafep Middle East Leather Protector Wipes

Apply quickly and easily an invisible barrier on leather surfaces and furniture to repel oil, alcohol, protein and water-based stains. Helps prevent skin oils and acids from damaging leather surfaces over time.

Deep Cleaner

Jafep Middle East Deep Cleaner

A very strong cleaner formulated specifically for pigmented leather. It performs a powerful cleaning action by removing all types of stains including oily/greasy stains, as well as blue jean and newspaper transfer.

Leather Degreaser

Jafep Middle East Leather Degreaser

Removes accumulated or saturated oil stains from leather. Over time, hair or skin oils can absorb into the leather and leave a stain. This often appears as a darkening effect in the contact areas. Leather Degreaser is formulated to penetrate the leather, absorb the stain, and lift it into an easily manageable powder.

Leather Protector

Jafep Middle East Leather Protector

A highly advanced product designed to assist leather in repelling water, oil, and alcohol-based stains. Perfectly suited for natural grained leathers because it doesn’t change the feel or the color of even these sensitive leathers while adding stain resistance. For top coated leathers, the application of Leather Protector will ease the removal of difficult stains like ink, lipstick, mustard, newspaper print, and blue jean transfer. Leather Protector forms a transparent, breathable barrier that will improve stain resistance and efficiency of cleaning.

Leather Clean & Renew Wipes

Jafep Middle East Leather Clean Renew Wipes

Clean and condition pigmented leathers safely. Use the wipes frequently to keep your leather clean, leaving a pleasant and renewed feel.

Leather Revive

Jafep Middle East Leather Revive

A highly advanced product designed to revitalize pigmented leather that has become dried out, stiff, or is squeaky. When dry, apply Leather Protector to renew the protection level.

MicroFiber Cleaner

Jafep Middle East Micro Fiber Cleaner

A Solvent-free cleaner designed to delicately and efficiently clean microfiber fabrics. Removes dirt, water-based and greasy stains from microfiber furniture.


Jafep Middle East Puul Up

A specialty product designed to restore leathers that have surface scratches and lightened color due to usage and time .