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Emulsion Paints Waterbased

Interior Exterior Paints

Jafep Middle East Interior Exterior Paints

Smooth texture and a rich coverage. Odorless, washable, anti-fungus, watrerbased. Our comuterized tinting system enables to quickly achieve any desired tone or color.


Jafep Middle East nivex

Acryllic paint for exterior, interior use with excellent coverage. Very matt, low spattering.


Jafep Middle East Esencial

Exteremely high coverage acryllic paint for quick and economic finishing. Anti-fungus, odorless.


jafep middle east vechro Ovaldine

Acrylic paint with greater durability, greater stain and scuff resistance and greater wash and rub resistance.


Jafep Middle East petrex

For exterior and interior decoration and protection. High resistance to difficult climates. Available in smooth or rough finish .


Jafep Middle East aural

Exterior wall waterproof which maintains its breathe and at the same time can be classified as a Carbon Dioxide Barrier paint thanks to its excellent CO2 spread resistance. Excellent resistance and long lasting finish.


Jafep Middle East pinecol

Ecological paint suitable for high quality interior decoration. Enables immediate use of the room. Free from health risks. No emission of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), without irritations or unpleasant odors.

Smaltomplast Kitchen and Bath

jafep middle east vechro Smaltomplast Kitchen and Bath

High quality emulsion paint with antifungal properties. Protects from growth of fungus especially in wet conditions. Low odor, washable and scrub resistanat, very good leveling.

Smaltoplast Silk

jafep middle east vechro Smaltoplast Silk

Ecological Hypo-allergic emulsion paint with antifungal properties for easy cleaning and hygienic living areas.

Easy Clean

Jafep Middle East easy clean

Does not absorb stains making cleaning easier. Wine, coffee, sause remain on the surface and can be easily wiped without rubbing. Ideal for kids rooms and kitchens. Matt finish, eco-frienldy.

Enamels, Primers & Sealers

Acrimar Enamel Paint

Jafep Middle East acrimar

Acrylic Enamel with easy application, adhesion and excellent levelling properties. Washable, odor free, non-flammable, eco-friendly, non-yellowing. Exceptional hardness and friction resistance.

Alkyd Enamel

Jafep Middle East esmalte sintetico

Alkyd enamel decorative and protective paint. Excellent coverage. For interior and exterior use. Professional, domestic or industrial use. Available in matt, satin and high gloss finish.

Anti-Corrosive Primer

Jafep Middle East imprimaciones selladoras

Primer suitable for painting and anti corrosion protection. For all kinds of iron and steel, interior and exterior use.

Tiles Paint

jafep middle east jafep Tiles Paint

Direct application on tiles without primer. Excellent adhesion and resistance to rubbing. Provides a ceramic gloss finish and great color retention. Washable and does not change color. Ideal restoration of old tiles.

Waterbased Anti-Corrosive Primer

Jafep Middle East Waterbased Anti Corrosive Primer

Anti-corrosive and recoatable primer for all kibds of paints. Non-toxic, water based, protects against rust, with a nice odour.

Multi Purpose Sealer

Jafep Middle East Multi Porpose Sealer

Excellent adhesion on multiple surfaces. Recommended on porous surfaces, eliminates unevenness. Waterbased.


Jafep Middle East sellacryl

Ready-to-use repairing undercoat. Highly efficient in fixing surfaces and prevention of the development of micro-organisms.

Corrolux Metal Effect

jafep middle east vechro Corrolux Metal Effect

Anti corrosive enamel paint with special metalized pearl effect. Suitable  for indoor and outdoor metallic substrates without use of primer. Excellent adhesion, leveling and drying.

Corrolux Antirust

jafep middle east vechro Corrolux Antirust

Anti corrosive gloss enamel paint suitable for new  or old surfaces. No need for primer, very good adhesion, leveling and  fast drying.

Smart Aire Puro

jafep middle east monto smart Smart Aire Puro

Filters, cleans and purifies the air through a chemical process similar to photosynthesis. Absorbs the light’s energy to deactivate harmful particles in the air, reducing pollution and eliminating bad odors. Certified photocatalytic activity acts once the paint dries and as long as it is kept in good condition. Excellent decorative paint, high coverage and resistance.

Anti-Radiation paint

jafep middle east monto smart Anti Radiation paint

Protects against electromagnetic contamination caused by radiation from telephone, 4G, wifi signals, etc. Graphite-based functional acrylic coating. Ideal as a primer for the attenuation of electromagnetic wave levels thanks to its reflective-conductive properties.

Blackboard Paint

jafep middle east monto smart Blackboard Paint

Blackboards paint. Allows you to write with chalk. Durable, easy to clean, available in 3 colors.

Jafecol Flexible Acrylic Emulsion

Jafep Middle East Jafecol Flexible Acrylic Emulsion

Excellent waterproofing coating when mixed with cement or sand. Can be applied to cover cracks and openings in water tanks of drinking water and other applications.


jafep middle east monto smart magnetica

Turn an ordinary wall into a magnet for notes, lists or simple decorative magnets without holes or pins. It makes magnets stick to walls, furniture and non-ferrous metals. Can be painted over with any type of paint. Ideal for offices, children’s rooms, schools, nurseries, shop windows.

Special Applications


Jafep Middle East Piscinas

Special matt emulsion with high resistance and durability in water. Ideal for swimming pools and floors. Excellent adhesion on cement and concrete. Thanks to its great resistance also suitable for all kinds of sport surfaces, industrial buildings and car parks.

Sport Line

Jafep Middle East Sport line

Water based emulsion paint for sport courts. High level of resistance to abrasion and weather. Non-fading colors.

Bathroom Ceiling

Jafep Middle East Bathroom Ceiling

Water-repellent, highly breathable, against water condensation. Ideal for bathroom ceilings.


Jafep Middle East Anti Bacterial

High quality acrylic paint water based with anti-microbial properties. Laboratory tested with “Ecolabel” European Certificate. Does not absorb stains, easy to clean.

External Insulation System

Telacril Facadas

Jafep Middle telacril

Exceptional elastic and flexible coating in cold and hot weather. Total waterproofing.

Telacril Terrazas

Jafep Middle telacril

Elastic, great resitance in challenging weather, ideal for flat roof waterproofing and exterior walls. Efficient heat-isulating paint.

Telacril Aislante

Jafep Middle telacril

Highly elastic with a special formula of low particle size expanded polystyrene. Provides thermal and acoustic inslulation.

Isolor Hybrid Aqua Plus

jafep middle east vechro Isolor Hybrid Aqua Plus

Insulation paint water based, high solids, with high tech acrylic and polyurethane resins. Elastic, non sticky, resistant to pedestrian traffic. High build coating from the first coat and superior thermo reflective properties. Certified product, user and environmental friendly.

Telacril Transparent

Jafep Middle telacril

Telacril clear. Provides surfaces with an elastic, flexibil waterproof coating. Ideal for waterproofing stone facades.

Smaltoplast Thermo

jafep middle east vechro Smaltoplast Thermo

Elastomeric thermo reflective exterior paint with anti fungus and energy saving properties. Breathable reflecting less humidity into the wall and better energy efficiency.

Complementary Products

Rust Neutralizer

Jafep Middle East RustNeutralizer

Neutralizes the rust process on metal surfaces into metal again. Waterbased.

Paint Remover

Jafep Middle East Paint Remover

Removes all kinds of paint quickly and efficiently without spattering. Does not contain methylene chloride.


jafep middle east jafep fillers masilla plastica

Elastic, easy spreading, for smoothing and repairing surfaces prior painting.

Thinner NC

Jafep Middle East Thinner NC

Viscosity regulator and tool cleaner in primers and NC lacquers. Quick drying.

Anti- fungus

Jafep Middle East Anti Fungus

Cleans and disinfects in seconds any trace of fungus and mold.

Salt Neutralizer

Jafep Middle East Salt Neutralizer

Descaling product for cement, salt condensation etc.

Thinner PU

Jafep Middle East Thinner PU

Viscosity regulator and tool cleaner in polyurethane paints.

Decorative Paints

Tierras Rodantinas

Jafep Middle East Tierras Rodantinas

Old walls effect. Easy to apply. Washable, breathable, eco-friendly.

Arenas Metalizadas

Jafep Middle East Muralla

Produces gold and silver filling effect on decorated surfaces.


Jafep Middle East Muralla

Glaze finish

Arenas Egypcias

Jafep Middle East Arenas Egypcias

Sandy effect on gloss undercoats with easy application.


Jafep Middle East Gharnata

Interrior decorative coating by use of roller or trowel. Stucco effect.


Jafep Middle East Jafestuc

Interior decorative coating. Beautiful result by use of spatula.


Jafep Middle East Cerastuc

Water-based wax protection of stucco.


Jafep Middle East Sahara

Velvety effect on a mettalic base.


Jafep Middle East Veladuras

Water-based, slow drying glazing.