Sealants & Adhesives

Sealants and adhesives for all kinds of purposes.
Reliable in application, friendly to the environnement and the user.
Interior-exterior, underwater use, waterbased, odorless, food grated, anti-fungus.


All Purpose Sealants

TURBO All Seal

Jafep Middle East Turbo All Seal

Perfect all-in-one sealant for interior and exterior applications on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates. Odorless, paintable, fast curing and permanently elastic. Available in color options.

TURBO Pool & Bath

Jafep Middle East Turbo Pool Bath

Neutral polymerization, moisture curing, odorless, weather and mold resistant. Ideal for humid environments and areas with plenty of water (bathrooms, swimming pools etc.) Available in white and clear.


Jafep Middle East Turbo Seal

Ideal for sealing small to bigger cracks up to 4cm. Can be applied by brush or spatula. Paintable.

Cosmo 100.400

Jafep Middle East Cosmo 100 400

The multi-talent. All purpose sealant and adhesive. Excellent consistency, flexibility and high breaking elongation.

Cosmo 200.101

Jafep Middle East Cosmo 200 101

2 component STP assembly adhesive for a multitude of assembly bonding applications, with homogeneous through-hardening and reliable process time during the application.

Cosmo 100.450

Jafep Middle East Cosmo 100 450

The powerful. For assembly bonding requiring immediate tack.

TURBO Aqua Protect

Jafep Middle East Turbo Aqua protector

Self-levelling construction seal for horizontal and vertical surfaces. Based on sealant modified polymers. Suitable for direct contact with bitumen. Ideal for bathrooms before installations of tiles and terraces.


Jafep Middle East Gommastit 405

Silicone sealant resistant to very high temperatures up to 300°C. Simple processing with high elasticity and good mechanical strength. Extremely high UV, ageing and weather resistance.

Kitchen Sealants


Jafep Middle East colorfill

Designed specifically for the installation of mitered worktop joints.
Bonds the joints together, seals against water and domestic detergents. Color matched to the worktop making the finished joint almost invisible.
It can repair scratches and chips in laminate and melamine surfaces.


Jafep Middle East colorseam

2-part component Methyl Methacrylate that provides a color matched seamless look for Solid Surface Worktops. Advanced non-stain color system. UV stable, chemical and moisture resistant. Very versatile, it can be used for jointing kitchen and bathroom worktops, laboratories, reception counters, tables, hotel rooms etc. Available in a range of popular standard colors.


Jafep Middle East topseal

High strength, waterproof, elastic sealant that bonds and seals at the same time.
Adheres to a wide range of surfaces. It is an excellent gap filler. Waterproof and flexible once cured. UV Stable, easy to apply in all conditions. Bonds even to damp surfaces. Solvent free, environmentally friendly, odorless, non toxic.


Jafep Middle East ColorJoint

High performance colour matched adhesive and sealant for worktop joints. Super strong formula giving excellent bond and instant grip without support. An excellent gap and joint filler for a seamless finish. Low shrinkage, fast curing, UV stable, long lasting without picking up dirt like silicone. Environmentally friendly, odorless, solvent free.

MultiFix Supa

Jafep Middle East MultiFix Supa

Instant grip, high strength adhesive with gap filling properties. Compatible with most building materials.
Works well on uneven surfaces. Designed to fix Scotia, skirting, architrave and dado rail to walls. Excellent for fitting carpet grippers.


Jafep Middle East colorsealant

An Acrylic Gap Filler fills gaps between kitchen unit and wall, carcasses and skirting boards etc.
Waterbased, paintable, Water resistant once fully cured. Available in color options.


Jafep Middle East MitreBond

Cornice & Profile Rapid Adhesive System
An environmentally friendly, precision marker that prevents the staining caused by overspray.
Quick and clean and sets in 15 seconds
No mixing or heating. Use one or two drops per joint

Work Top Adhesive

Jafep Middle East Work Top Adhesive

A hard PVC film carrier, layered on both sides with a modified acrylate adhesive. Quick and easy to apply, creates a permanent bond. Ideal for secure attachment of laminate strips to worktop edges, trims, bars and a variety of surfaces. Highly resistant to UV radiation, extreme temperatures, chemicals, solvents and humidity.


All Purpose Adhesives

TURBO Fix & Go

Jafep Middle East Turbo Fix Go

High Strength with immediate adherence and sustention up to 40Kg per sqm. Seals and bonds even inside the water, ideal for emergency cases. Pressure 310 kg per m² .


Jafep Middle East Turbo Fix

Strong and elastic adhesion and sealant for big or small cracks. Moisture curing with strong adhesion and stability. Odorless, paintable, fast curing, for indoor and outdoor use in a variety of colors. Certified as Food Grated. Pressure 220 kg per m² .


Jafep Middle East Turbo Glass

A new innovative flexible assembling adhesive with a high initial tack and strength. Suitable for bonding where short handling strength is required (like the vehicle windscreens). Can glue glass with any other material.


Jafep Middle East Turbo Floor 1

An elastic MS-Hybrid adhesive for wood flooring, timber floorboard, laminates, marble and any material for wall and floor fixation. Adheres on various substrates without adhesion promoter and is free of solvents.


Jafep Middle East Merbenit XS55

Extremely solid and flexible MS polymer sealant and adhesive with a particularly high tensile strength. Suitable for bonding large components with different heat expansion. With a tensile force of more than 5 N/mm2, it can carry large tensile, pressure, shearing and peel stress. 500 kg per sqm

Enetak 897

Jafep Middle East Enetak 897

Monocomponent hybrid adhesive for artificial grass.  It can be applied even on surfaces with moisture. 15 minutes processing time. Color green.

Enetak 2VL

Jafep Middle East Enetak 2VL

2-Component polyurethane adhesive for artificial grass, rubber, wood, metal and more. It produces a strong elastic bonding. Moisture curing.

PU 1900

Jafep Middle East PU 1900
2-Component Polyurethane special resin. Ideal for rapid renovation of screed cracks, closing joints and pofiles as well as bonding of construction components. Heavy Duty, Fast Curing, Compatible with all materials, Highly Adhesive.

Marine Adhesives


Jafep Middle East Turbo BOND MB55

Elastic adhesive with high strength. Adheres to various materials and surfaces thanks SMP base. Particularly resistant against environmental influences; fulfils the requirements of the International Maritime Organization IMO.


Jafep Middle East Turbo Floor 1

Ideal for filling joints in the wooden parts and the decks of the boats. High resistance in UVA radiations, salt water and harsh weather. High elasticity. Meets the requirements of the International Maritime Organization IMO.


Jafep Middle East Turbo UV 1

Resistant in UVA radiation and harsh weather conditions. Ideal for all kinds of glass seal. 20 years guarantee against UV radiation. Can be applied in boat windows and skype scrapers. Available in black color.