Wood Care

Everything you need to repair and maintain your wood. Fast and efficient from the experts!
A full professional line for wood scrath repair , touch up, painting, polishing and wood protection.
Varnishes for interior & exterior wood, long lasting, low smell, elegant finish, heavy duty.

Stains & Varnishes

Marine Varnish

Jafep Middle East Marine varnish

High quality modified alkydic varnish for exterior wood. Excellent protection and resistance against ageing and harsh weather. Highly flexibilty and water repellency. Ideal for wood decks and exterior wood furniture. Gloss finish.

Alkyd Exterior Varnish

Jafep Middle East Alkyd Exterior Varnish

Synthetic varnish for interior exterior wood. Provides the wood with excellent level of protection against water and weather conditions.  Good adherence and penetration, excellent adhesion and brush-ability. Clear satin finish.

Parquet Varnish

Jafep Middle East Parquet Varnish

One-component polyurethane parquet varnish for wood subjected to strong abrasion such as parquet, cork floors, stairs, railings, ceiling panels and more. Glossy flexible finish witheExcellent brushability and good leveling.

Wood Stain & Protector

Jafep Middle East Wood Stain Protextor

Water based thin coat wood varnish for interior and exterior use. High durability, flexible, permeable to water vapor. Maintains the natural appearance of the wood. Prevents the appearance of fungus and contains UV protectors. Ideal for fine art pieces.

Smaltoxyl Hydro Varnish Ecco

jafep middle east vechro Smaltoxyl Hydro Varnish Ecco

Decorative, ecological, water based wood varnish with low odor and excellent penetration properties. Protects against wood destroying rot, moulds, blue stains and other fungus. Ideal for doors, windows, frames, claddings and any other wooden surface.

Smaltoxyl Hydro Decking Oil

jafep middle east vechro Smaltoxyl Hydro Decking Oil

Hybrid Waterbased Decking oil. Low odor, penetrating oil, applies easy and dries quickly. Provides protection from chlorinated water and seawater. Contains special UV filters and mold inhibitors for added protection. Suitable for exterior wood decks such as iroko, teak etc.

Parquet Primer

jafep middle east vechro Parquet Primer

Water based acrylic primer for wood surfaces. Great adhesion and elasticity, fills the wood pores offering easy sanding enhancing the wood’s abrasion. Quick dry, easy to apply.

Parquet Varnish Hydro

jafep middle east vechro Parquet Varnish Hydro

Polyurethane, waterbased transparent varnish ideal for new and old wooden floors. Enhances the natural value and beauty of wooden surfaces, without flaking and cracking. Excellent smooth application and fast drying. High resistance to friction.

Smaltoxyl Base

jafep middle east vechro Smaltoxyl Base

Wood varnish with great covering abilities, does not create a film, non cracking, non pealing. Breathable and water resistant. Ideal for doors, garden furniture, cladding and any other wood surface. Solvent base for interior and exterior use, protects from fungus and algae.

PU Varnish Waterbased

jafep-middle-east-pu varnish waterbased

2-Component polyurethane varnish for wood, concrete and many other applications. Waterbased, odorless, fast drying. Seals and protects against all liquids, staining and weather conditions. Transparent clear, with an elegant finish.

Blendal Powder Stain


Extra fine ground touch-up pigment colors used for spot color replacement on all types of furniture, cabinets, plastics, leather, vinyl and in hundreds of other finishing applications. Apply with a “padding pad” or brush. Available in a wide variety of colors.

Adhesives & Lubricants for easy wood fix and repair.
Compatible with plastic, paper, metal and many more materials.

Adhesives & Lubricants


jafep middle east mohawk lubricants

Non Greasy lubricant for drawers, doors, windows and any wood fixtures that tend to bind. Reduces friction, prevents wear, and helps to increase ease of moving parts.

Spray Adhesive

jafep middle east mohawk spray adhesive

Offers a fast tack time, which enables general purpose bonding on a wide variety of substrates, high bond strength for a temporary or permanent bond.

Aerosol Activator

Jafep Middle East Aerosol Activator

A versatile product, easy to use. Cures in less than 10 seconds without affecting finishes or leaving a shiny spot or oil residues. Apply the activator to one side of the wood and the glue to the other. The activator will not cure before you put the parts together.

Wood Glue

jafep middle east mohawk wood glue

Instant, heavy duty and extra strong glue for wood. Available in different thicknesses, quick drying and outstanding strength that can handle a variety of repair jobs; wobbly chairs, glass, leather, imitation leather, high pressure laminates, cloth and rubber products.

Wide selection of versatile, efficient and easy-to-use wood products in spray cans.
Colored lacquers, stains, toners, sealers and more.
Fast and clean application with very low smell.


Block-It Toner

Jafep Middle East Block it Toner

Adjust color shades without having to strip and refinish. It warms up or cools down the color of a finish. Direct application over existing finish.

Blender Flow-Out

Jafep Middle East Blender Flow out

Smooths and levels a finish which may have orange peeled. Blends overspray with existing finish in spot repair work.


Jafep Middle East Brake a Way

It is the perfect product to easily add heavy hang up and detail accent color to elaborated cabinetry or woodworking.

Burn-In Sealer

Jafep Middle East Burn in Sealer

Spray a clear protective coating over a “Burn-In Stick” repair to eliminate “bright spots” (halo).  The repaired area will blend in with the sheen of the surrounding finish. Available in gloss, satin or flat finish.

Colored Laquer Enamel

Jafep Middle East Colored laquer Enamel

Fast drying, lacquer enamel spray for wood. Superior covering, producing opaque finishes in a big variety of color tones. For interior use.


Jafep Middle East Shellac

A clear coating for furniture, floors, drawers and food cabinets with unusual adhesion to hard-to-grip surfaces. Recommended for spot sealing knot holes, streaks and refilled areas before refinishing. Can also be used as a barrier coat over a silicone-contaminated area.

e-Z Vinyl

Jafep Middle East E Z Vinyl

The perfect choice for spot repairs on kitchen cabinetry and furniture where improved durability, moisture resistance, and adhesion are important. Clear, quick build sealer specifically designed for surface preparation under mid to higher sheen finishes.

Finisher's Choise Sanding sealer

Jafep Middle East Finishers Choise Sanding Sealer

A high solids aerosol lacquer that eliminates the need to mix bulk finishes for your small refinishing and restoration jobs.

Finisher's Glaze Glazing Stain

Jafep Middle East Finisher Glaze Glazing Stain

A truly professional glaze in an aerosol.  Just shake and spray!  You can topcoat within just minutes.  The high pigment load assures the opacity you need for great coverage.

Heavy Bodied Sanding sealer

Jafep Middle East Heavy Bodied Sanding sealer

It can repair light scratches, packing marks and light indentations. Contains additional fillers to perform the repair in less time. Ultra low sheen, highly blush resistant, higher solids and higher build.

Laquer For Bras

Jafep Middle East Laquer For Brass

Will keep your brass and brass plated metal surfaces brilliant. Keeps metal bright and new looking. Prevents tarnishing, protects. It’s a water clear, non-yellowing and durable coating. Adhesion is excellent to metal surfaces.

Metallic Aerosol

Jafep Middle East metallic Aerosol

Opaque solid, metallic spray in many shades of silver and gold.  Ideal for metal, wood, ceramics, picture frames and various other objects.

No Blush Blender Flat

Jafep Middle East No Blush Blender Flat

Smooths and levels finishes with orange peel or light scratches. Blends overspray with the existing finish on spot repair work for various non-gloss sheens. Works to remove trapped moisture without raising sheen.

No Blush Plus Retarder

Jafep Middle East No Blush Plus Retarder

Humidity or cold weather can cause wood finishes to turn white and cloudy, known as blushing. No Blush™ Plus Retarder reflows the finish and allows the trapped moisture to escape.

OutDoor Acrylic Aerosole

Jafep Middle East Outdoor Acrylic Aerosole

It is made with high quality non-yellowing acrylic resins, formulated to adhere wood, metal, powder coating, plastic and other materials. The perfect choice for all your outdoor projects with superior flow out and blending, great clarity and durability.

Tone Finish Clear Laquer Sanding Sealer

Jafep Middle East Tone Finish Clear laquer Sanding Sealer

A multi-purpose product, fills in and levels surface scratches and burn-in repairs. Fast drying, easy sanding, high solids for rapid buildup. Seals in stains prior to final topcoat of finish for faster build up. High clarity, and blush resistance.

Perfect Blend Laquer

Jafep Middle East Perfect Blend Waterborne laquer

A premium blended water-based acrylic lacquer featuring fast dry and very low odor. Excellent adhesion over waxed and polished surfaces and areas contaminated with silicone.  Ideal for touch-up use where odor may be an issue, especially restaurants, offices, homes and hotels.

Pre-Catalyzed Clear

Jafep Middle East Pre Catalyzed Clear

C;ear wood lacquer spray with an excellent flow out for touch-up use. A dry, durable film that adheres where other finishes will not. Very good clarity and durability. Available in matt, satin, gloss.

Ultra-Classic Toner

Jafep Middle East Ultra Classic Toner

Dye based spray lacquer with the highest rating of light-fastness available for dyes. It has an excellent flow out and prevents from overpaying. Available in a wide range of colors.

Acrylic Lacquer

Jafep Middle East Fication Lacquer

A special paint system that allows to paint without leaving any strong stains on pre-treated areas. The use of special solvent combinations results in a soft spray pattern without leaving a visible edge.
Featuring slightly translucent properties, allows to paint the surface several times, until it reaches a full opacity in the area.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Fill in and repair cracks, holes, chipped & missing wood parts in floors and furniture.
A selection of products in many colors for different applications.

Wood Fillers

Hard Fill

jafep middle east mohawk hard fill

Designed to fill minor and medium defects in wood furnishings and rigid plastic. Use for repairs on practically any flat surface, including tops, fronts, sides, doors, drawers and floors. Available in more than 70 colors.

Fil-O-Wood Putty

jafep middle east mohawk fil o wood

Water-based repair putty useful for filling corner chips, holes, cracks, screw holes and other defects found in wood surfaces. Applied as any wood filler but with an easy and precise applicator. Non flammable and low odor, available in a wide color range.

Epoxy Stick

jafep middle east mohawk epoxy putty stick

Restore, rebuild and repair all kinds of wood and other hard surfaces. Quickly cures to a durable, permanent state to allow sanding, drilling, staining and general finishing after just 20 minutes. Excellent adhesion of wood to metal, glass and even ceramic surfaces. Does not shrink and molds to any shape. Available in a wide range of colors.

Filstick Putty

jafep middle east mohawk fil stik

Helps you eliminate scratches quickly and easily without requiring heat or other special tools. Simply rub the wax stick in damaged areas to fill and scrape remaining product off to leave an even, leveled surface.

Burn-In Knives

Jafep Middle East Burn In Knife

A variety of knives to heat up and make burn-ins easier, available both in flat and curved blades.


jafep middle east mohawk quick fill

Ideal for burn-in repairs of missing cheeped parts from your furniture. With excellent melt and flow characteristics, easy leveling, without shrinking or swelling from topcoats. Available in many colors.

Melting Putty

Jafep Middle East wood care Melting Putty

NOVORYT Melting Putties are made for strongly used surfaces such as parquet, laminate, cork flooring, furniture, kitchen etc. They can be over-painted with various lacquer systems. Available in more than 160 different colors.

Soft Wax

Jafep Middle East wood care soft wax

A smooth filler suitable for small or narrow damage points, e.g. in interior fittings, paneling etc., which are not subject to any load. Available in 120 different colors.

Wood touch up marker pens for easy recoloration of scratches and minor damages.
High quality, non fading pigments for repair that last.

Touch-Up Markers & Pencils

Backgound Marker Glaze

Jafep Middle East Background marker Glaze hang Up

Dispenses a thin, highly opaque, fast dying, low sheen film to replace the background color over fills, glue lines, dark areas in raw wood, and other stains.

Backgound Marker Touch Up

Jafep Middle East Background marker Touch Up

Dispenses a thin, highly opaque, fast dying, low sheen film to replace background color over fills, glue lines, dark areas in raw wood and other stains.

Artizan Glaze Marker

Jafep Middle East Artizan Glaze Marker

Create or touch-up existing glaze lines on a glazed cabinet or furniture. It has the same strength as a light glaze, dries slowly, allowing you to work the color once it is applied to the part and build color over itself.

Quick Tip Marker

Jafep Middle East Quick Tip Marker

Fast opaque color touch-up marker, high gloss with excellent adhesion. Ideal to re-color worn edges, minor surface and edge marks without using a topcoat.

Pro Mark Marker

Jafep Middle East Pro Mak Marker

A professional marker resistant to fade and color shift. The nib offers superior flow along with the durability needed to do all normal repair work and remains usable for the life of the marker.

Brush Tip Marker

Jafep Middle East Brush Tip marker

A micro brush-tip applicator that allows you to apply color exactly where it is needed without any messy powders, fluids or odors. Simple and easy to use. It applies color to imitate the natural grain appearance of wood surfaces after minor repairs.

Ultra Mark Marker

Jafep Middle East Ultra mark Marker

Contains light-fast pigments which seal, stain and finish – in one easy operation. Ideal for edge and scratch recoloring. Compatible with all types of finishes.

3-in-1 Repair stick

Jafep Middle East 3 in 1 Repair stick

Fill, Level, Color, All in One! Fil-Stik® and Marker in the same color for ideal color matching. Complete repairs with a single product, filling and color replacement all in one.

Touch Up Pen

Jafep Middle East wood touch up pen

Ideal for varnished wood or covering colors. Available in valve system, brush system for delicate or thick corrections and fiber system.

PVC Touch Up Pen

Jafep Middle East wood care PVC Touch Up Pen

The unique retouching material specially designed for foil-coated and white plastic windows. Easy to use-Perfect results.

Polishing and cleaning products to clean and maintain any wood surface and furniture brand new!

Wood Maintenance

Classic Care Polish

Jafep Middle East Classic Care polish

Cleans and polishes all types of furniture without raising the sheen.  Silicone free.  Safe for all finishes.

Crystal & Glass Cleaner

Jafep Middle East Crystal Glass Cleaner

Windows, mirrors and crystal remain clean longer.  Dries crystal clear in seconds without leaving a dirt catching film.  Also used for cleaning refrigerators, stoves, chrome and other appliances.

Furniture Cleaner & Restorer

Jafep Middle East Furniture Cleaner Restorer

Maintains the original new look of oiled, walnut, teak and rosewood furniture.  Instantly restores color as it cleans.  Hides scratches.

Lemon & Oil Furniture Polish

Jafep Middle East Lemon Oil Furniture polish

Professional Lemon Oil Furniture Polish that beautifies all types of furniture, woodwork, paneling and cabinets.  Chemically holds dust on dust mops and cloths, preventing it from resettling on the polished surface.

Quick Clean

Jafep Middle East Quick Clean

Removes unwanted foreign materials from most surfaces prior to applying a new finish or repair work of finished surfaces.  Dries quickly with low odor and non-greasy formula. Removes labels and glue from most surfaces as well as unwanted glaze during the glazing process.

OZ Polish

Jafep Middle East OZ polish

All -in-one furniture cream polish in an aerosol. Cleans – polishes – protects furniture, tile, marble, cabinets, fixtures, chrome, etc.  Non-abrasive, greaseless and quick drying. Offers antistatic agent for less dusting. Ultraviolet light absorber to protect the color of the wood


Jafep Middle East Scratch Off

Hide scratches and minor imperfections as you polish your wood surface.

Cabinet Care Kit

Jafep Middle East Cabinet Care Kit

It contains an excellent overall cleaner, a Polish as well as cleaning and polishing cloths. You can clean light to moderate dirt without affecting the sheen. Dries free of oily residue and resists fingerprinting when dry.

Fixation Lacquer

Jafep Middle East Fication Lacquer

Give the repaired area the final touch of the achievement! NOVORYT Lacquer Fixation is available in matt, silk-matt and silk-shine.