Rocan Products UK

Rocan product UK

Rocan Products UK

16:31 02 February in news

Rocan Products in a UK based company specializing in the design, manufacture and supply of superior quality products for use on porous surfaces. All the products are environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable made in Great Britain.

Rocan Products brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from 45 years working within the coatings and surface treatment industry employed in technical, manufacturing, commercial and senior management functions.

Products are conceived, and tailor made to deliver specific high-performance properties both for protection, cleaning and aftercare maintenance. The range is not only being used in the UK but elsewhere in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Southern Hemisphere. So, whether the climate is hot or cold, wet or dry or a combination of all, there is undoubtedly a universal demand.


Advances in water-based technology now allow surfaces in all forms of external and interior construction to be treated: stone (limestone, sandstone, granite, slate, marble), concrete, wood, clay, glass, fabric, porcelain, plaster, brick and render.