Ms Hybrid Polymer Technology

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Ms Hybrid Polymer Technology

16:35 02 November in news

MS technology is a new innovative technology in adhesion and sealants combining all the advantages of the existing systems (silicone and polyurethanes) without carrying their disadvantages at the same time!In addition to their high-performance properties they are achieving popularity due to their solvent-free and isocyanate-free nature and due to their formulation versatility, that allows the customization of viscosity and early strength development for various applications.

They are used extensively in a wide number of industries as, automotive, marine, wood, building and construction, plastic, metal and other fields.

  • Fast and easy in application without destroying the surface (no need for drilling and screws).
  • Very strong and fast curing adherence in most of the surfaces without the use of primer.
  • Paintable, odorless and anti-fungus.
  • Environmental and user friendly.
  • UV stable and weather resistant.
  • Without cracking, shrinking or yellowing.